Who doesn't love beautiful legs?
Well, I know I do and summer is here so we're showing our legs  a lot more than when did a few months ago so I'm going to share with you a few tips to prepare your skin to those summer days at the beach.

No matter what you do to remove your leg's hair, it's always important to exfoliate. Grab your favorite one, I like to use this exfoliating body scrub from Rituals called Wain Wang, and once a week I treat your legs with it. This way you will eliminate any dead cells and prevent ingrown hairs and if you use self tanners you will notice a how much better they look if you do this ever so often.

I'm one of those people that prefers waxing to shaving, and I will always try to convert people to try it because it's the best thing ever. The hair takes a lot longer to grow back and your legs feel really soft and smooth. I always go to a professional to get the job done but sometimes I don't have the time to go, or I'm out of town so when that happens I like to use Veet's Easy Wax roll on. Removes the hair like any other professional wax, has a charger and the size is portable so I can travel anywhere with it, which is perfect for when I'm out of town.

Last but not least important, moisturizing is my favorite step. I always like to change my moisturizer and try different ones. For the past weeks I've been using this body lotion from Le Petit Marseiliais that smells incredible and my legs stay soft and smooth for about two to three days which is really amazing because most moisturizers I've tried they just last for one day or so.
If you happen to find this one in store just give it a try, it's worth the money!

Here it is, my three simple steps to perfect and beautiful legs simple but effective! 


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