Hi everyone!
Today I'm sharing with you one of my favorite tools that I got a few months ago. 
I was never one to use hot tools on my hair, I've always embraced my natural wavy hair but since I got bangs, suddenly I didn't like so much the combination of my wavy hair with full front bangs. After months of blow drying and not liking the result I decided to get a straightener. For a few months, it work great. I have to say it was pretty cheap compared to others on the market. Well, long story short, it quickly stopped straightening my hair perfectly and because it didn't have a temperature setting it was too hot which  end up causing a lot of damage to my hair. 

Soon enough I stopped cutting my bangs and decided I was returning to my natural hair. That lasted about two months because my sister - who's a straightener fanatic - bough a new and better one and it's the star of today's blog post! 

My sister got the Rowenta Wet & Dry Express straightener for 28€ - the other one we had cost about 18€- on a local supermarket a few months ago and ever since I've been using it probably twice a week - it really depends if I'm feeling lazy or not ahah 

It heats up to 230ºC and it can be used on dry and wet hair. My advice is to blow dry it first or let it air dry before using the straightener because it speeds up the whole process.
I take about 30 to 45 minutes to straighten my whole hair by myself and I find that 190ºC is enough to get the perfect result.

Above you can see the before picture. That's my natural hair. 
My sister usually takes less time to get her hair completely straight because mine is 10x thicker than hers so no wonder why she uses this almost everyday.
The ideal scenario would be to always have someone to do this job for me and sometimes I ask my sister to do it, mostly because she's a lot faster and also the back portion always gets perfect, whereas when I'm the one doing it, it doesn't always look that good. 
Below you can see the result, pretty impressing I may say. By far the best straightener I've tried!

Do you use straighteners? Or do you embrace your natural hair?
What have are your thoughts on the result?


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