Jewelry is something I wear on a daily basis,  since I was 6 or 7 - which was when I first got my ears pierced. 

My grandma showed me how beautiful jewelry can be and how it can totally make an outfit if, it's the right one. 

Today I'm showing you my favorite pieces from my collection - yes collection because I do have quite a lot of jewelry, mainly because of my grandma (a lot of pieces were hers). 
The majority of these pieces were given to me by my grandma throughout the years with the exception of the loop earring (I got somewhere) and the gold/red ring - which was given to me by my mother on my 18th birthday. 
The ones I use the most are the pear necklace, the pearl earrings, the loop earring  and the grey/green ring (the bigger one, at the back). 
I don't know where all of these were from, because they were all given to me as presents throughout the years and since mostly were from my grandma's collection I have no idea where she got them. I probably should have asked her! 

My grandam was one of those ladies who never left the house without looking put together and that included makeup - she also introduced me to it - jewelry and perfume! And so those are very important things to me and I always double check to see if I'm wearing at least two of them before I leave the house. 

This post is a little different from what you usually see here, but since I had these beautiful pieces I though why not showing them to you and if you like some of them, you might look for similar pieces next time you go shopping. 

What about you? What pieces of jewelry you wear the most? 

See you on my next post,
Ana Leote

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