You guys saw this nail set previously on one of my last posts about What I Got for Christmas and I promised you that I would do a post just talking about these lovely nail polishes! So here it is.
My sister got me these for Christmas and I immediately fell in love with them. If you're familiar with Kiko Cosmetics' nail polishes, you've noticed that the packaging of these is different which makes them more special.
This was a special and limited edition, just for Christmas so I don't think you can buy them anymore unless the stores near you still have some in stock.
The shades are simply perfect, there's not one I wouldn't use, which is a complete success because usually when you buy nail sets, there are one or two shades that you probably won't use so I'm very pleased with the shade range in this one. 
They dry very quickly, something that is very helpful because you don't have to wait a lot of time to continue your daily activities. 

So far I can't stop wearing the light pink shade and the light grey shade. I didn't have any like those two in my nail polish collection so that's probably why I'm so obsessed with them. 
Even though they will come to an end,  I intend to keep the packaging because they are beautiful. 

Have you got recently any nail polishes? 
If so, let me know from where and also the shade! 
See you on my next post,
Ana Leote

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