Body conditioners to you may not seem new but for me it is! I've never heard about them before and let me tell you, I'm glad I finally discovered them. 
Since I discovered this one from  Nivea I then did some re-search and I found that Lush also have a few and I really need to try those next. 
For someone like me, lazy and all, a body conditioner is the perfect beauty staple to have at home, specially in the winter time, No more frizzing while apply body lotion after you shower, because now I can do it inside the shower, saving me some time in the morning.

Nivea's Body in Shower conditioner was and still is the first and only body conditioner that I've tried, so far. And to give you guys a fair and good review I tested it for about  3 weeks and here are my thoughts about it.

What the product claims: 
Quickly absorbed by wet skin. The caring formula leaves you with a silky soft skin feeling when stepping out the shower. There is no need to apply an additional body lotion afterwards. Suitable for use after shaving and hair removal. Skin compatibility dermatologically proven.Free of artificial colors and silicons. Readily biodegradable.
What I think about it:
Nivea's Body in Shower conditioner comes in a packaging easy to use ( you just squeeze and product comes out) until you're almost done with the product because by the end of it, it gets a bit hard to squeeze it out, specially with wet hands. 

I have very dry skin, specially on my legs and elbows, and ever since I'm using it in the shower everyday I've notice that my skin doesn't look or feel dry like it used too. Before I used this I was only applying moisturizer 2 to 3 times a week (that's not enough when you have dry skin but sometimes I'm too lazy and the fact that it takes a few minutes to dry and can only apply it at night) and since this can be used in the shower, I was using it every single day. 
The amount of product you need to cover your body is significant and I don't think a bottle like this would last for more than a month if more people were using it, every single day. 
It absorbs very quickly and it doesn't leave you with a sticky residue, which is perfect if you're going to get dressed next. 

Overall, this product made me realize what I was missing out. I need to find more body conditioners and try them all until I find the one I can't leave without! 

If you're like me and never tried anything like this before, give Nivea's Body in Shower a chance and you might enjoy it like I did. 
Have you tried any body conditioners?

If so,which ones? 
Let me know in the comments below! 

See you on my next post,
Ana Leote

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