The biggest challenge of the year, so far...

When I stated working full time I promised myself that I would keep posting here frequently as I did before and as promises go, some you just can't keep.
With two days off a week, my initial plan was to enjoy one of them by just doing nothing all day (that includes watching a ton of tv shows) and the other one to spend it with friends and create content for the blog.
Let's just state the obvious, that didn't happened... 

It got to a point where I was so exhausted and impatient because I wanted to relax and enjoy the free days that I have but at the same time I couldn't get anything done which made me very frustrated. 
Before I had tons of time and not much money, now I have the money and little time to enjoy it which is really sad ahah 
What also made me so anxious and frustrated was the fact that I used to post a certain time a day and now I can't because I'm at work and I can't do both at the same time - because with posting then comes sharing to social media and there are key hours to post to certain social media sites that are crucial to bring traffic to your blog - so it was pointless for me to post at my usual time if I couldn't share it efficiently on social media. 

After almost four months of working full time, I'm finally on track  and I have a bunch of new content in my drafts ready to be published. giving me a heads up on the schedule front allowing me to actually enjoy my days off! 

To my fellow bloggers out there struggling with the same thing as I did and still do here are a few pointers:
- Give yourself time to relax and recharge;
- Plan ahead and schedule your content; 
- Choose one day of the week to focus on taking pictures;
- Give yourself time to be at the computer writing, (let's say 2h) this way you'll be able to get much more done (it will keep you from procrastinating) and you'll still have time to enjoy the rest of your free day doing other activities; 
- Always carry a notebook where you can write your posts ideas or even and entire blog post (I do this a lot in my lunch breaks) so when you get home you only have to copy it to your blog;

I've been trying to follow these for the past weeks and it has been very helpful also I feel less anxious about managing my time. 
To conclude, I have to congratulate everyone who actually manages to keep their blog updated and still work full time. I aspire to be you! 

What about you? Do you work full time or part time? 
How do manage your life schedule and your blog schedule? 
Let me know in the comments below! 

See you soon,
Ana Leote

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