My three friends and I went to Amsterdam during Spring Break. 
From museums to hours of walking we got to see a lot of Amsterdam and let me tell you, it did not disappoint.

We stayed the four nights at the ClinkNoord hostel and let me tell you, what and incredible hostel! My expectations we're high due to the photos I saw online but when we actually got there it blew my mind how beautiful and well organized the hostel was. Plus the location was great, with a 2 minute boat ride (which was free) from the central station we we're pretty much in the center of Amsterdam and from the station we organized our itinerary. 

We manage to see three museums - Van Gogh, Stedelijk and the Rembrandt house - and explore the city leaving the last day to do a bit of shopping. We even got the opportunity to   travel one of the days to Rotterdam - which I'm going to post soon. 

The architecture and the buildings in Amsterdam are absolutely beautiful and if not for the low temperatures I would considered living there, being able to ride a bike everyday one of the main reasons!  

I leave you with a few photos we took during this trip and you can always check more on our instagram accounts - @analeote, @joaopotes, @ines.santunes and @mariana.santunes!

Have you been to Amserdam or any place in the Netherlands? 
If so, let me know in the comments how it was!
Ps: The waffles were amazing and I miss them ahaha

See you soon,
Ana Leote

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